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How brands powered lifetime loyalty connections in 2018

Author: Tad Fordyce

Powering lifetime loyalty connections has been a focus of mine throughout the year. I enjoyed sharing the three stages of powering these types of connections – getting to know the customer, creating a plan for ongoing dialogue and adjusting communications along the journey and the role of both technology and services. Here I’ll explore how brands have achieved success powering lifetime connections with their customers.

5 acquisition tips to consider for your email marketing strategy

Author: Lilia Arsenault

As I'm participating in Email Insider Summit this week, acquisition is a topic on my mind. There is no shortage of conversations around implementing engagement strategies to encourage consumers to interact, whether it's to make a purchase, book a service appointment or share their latest travel or restaurant experience. Conversations around engagement strategies are often the ones my clients want to have as well. Once engaged, consumers' emotional connections to brands strengthen and email marketers remain focused on engagement strategies to sustain their attention and interest. Perhaps more often overlooked are conversations centered on acquisition strategies. Acquisition is just as important to focus on as engagement strategies. Implementing the right email acquisition strategies upfront will enable you to be more successful in building an engaged and loyal subscriber base, ensuring strong return on their investments.

How to achieve success with machine learning – a collect, detect, act approach

Author: Mark Sucrese

The industry has been talking about machine learning for years, but what’s different today is that marketers have begun to implement machine learning tools and tactics to advance their marketing efforts towards advanced personalization strategies. Machine learning is taking over personalization by disrupting content management, how marketer’s approach analytics and one’s ability to reach customers across channel at scale. So how can marketers achieve this level of personalization through machine learning? By taking a collect, detect and act approach.