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The 8,000 people who make Epsilon and Conversant (and advertising) great

Author: Bryan Kennedy

As the American Association of Advertising Agencies (4A’s) reflects on the past 100 years of advertising, celebrating the people, organizations and ideas that drove the industry forward, I’m proud of Epsilon/Conversant’s strong heritage and our ability to leverage the power of data, technology IP, analytics and creative to deliver outcomes for our clients.


Why data is a key component of micro- moment marketing

Author: Jackie Marquis

Marketers talk a lot about micro-moments these days. Micro-moments are the individual inflection points within a consumer’s everyday life. When marketers bring data, technology and creative together to message to customers in ‘those moments’ it drives long-term success for brands. With consumers experiencing 150+ micro-moments daily, marketers at the recent NEMOA directXchange conference discussed how data is integral to capitalizing on these opportunities to make meaningful customer connections.

Tags: Data, micro-moments