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For the love of data

Author: Maureen Moran

Data is everywhere. As marketers, we use data to create new customer relationships and deepen existing ones. With the abundance of data out there, it’s getting more difficult to not only acquire customers but also to find the right data for our business. It’s about better, not necessarily bigger data and we need to find the right data match that will fulfill our marketing needs and help us exceed our goals.

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Epsilon’s focus on data privacy

Author: Noga Rosenthal

Data Privacy Day, observed annually on January 28, is an international day of recognition meant to raise awareness and promote the importance of protecting consumer privacy. As a data-driven marketing company, we work hard to foster trust with our clients to ensure their data is protected, and provide consumers with transparency about how their data is being used. We also understand the importance of raising awareness of these values to our associates.

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Differentiate your loyalty program with convenience

Author: Rick Boubelik

As loyalty marketers, we’re constantly looking for ways to differentiate our programs, our rewards, and create experiences for our members to achieve lifetime connections. We’re confronted with multiple technology options to enhance our loyalty programs and we spend hours deciphering the best solution for our brand. It’s imperative to find the differentiator for your loyalty program to drive customer engagement.

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