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Why data is a key component of micro- moment marketing

Author: Jackie Marquis

Marketers talk a lot about micro-moments these days. Micro-moments are the individual inflection points within a consumer’s everyday life. When marketers bring data, technology and creative together to message to customers in ‘those moments’ it drives long-term success for brands. With consumers experiencing 150+ micro-moments daily, marketers at the recent NEMOA directXchange conference discussed how data is integral to capitalizing on these opportunities to make meaningful customer connections.

Tags: Data, micro-moments

3 ways to secure the ‘second’ purchase from your customers

Author: Jennifer Lancaster Dana

Consumers shopping habits vary. Some love to shop and shop frequently while others want to shop solely online; some seek the deal, some prioritize convenience. Understanding your customers from the onset of your relationship is important to inform your communication strategy, drive that second purchase and overtime create customer loyalty to your brand. Driving that second trip is a challenge that many retailers face.     

Tags: customer experience