Dan DeZutter

How to build flawless marketing operations

Author: Dan DeZutter

Marketing operations is often considered a back office process that is not glamourous.  A lot of attention is paid to great creative content, engaging customer journeys and innovative technology platforms.  Although all these things are important, without flawless marketing execution, they all fall down.  There are several goals of an effective marketing operations department:

3 phases to effectively engaging newly acquired customers

Author: Dan DeZutter

Digital affords brands more opportunities to acquire new customers. But the speed at which you can acquire these customers must also be met with a readiness to deliver a compelling and consistent customer experience.  If you read my last article, your inbound acquisition efforts were hopefully successful. But once you acquire a new customer, how do you keep them and drive loyalty to your brand?

The rise of inbound marketing: 5 steps to get started

Author: Dan DeZutter

It’s no secret consumers are starting to tune out traditional outbound marketing techniques. Still, I often sit in client meetings listening to marketers strategize about finding their next lead or prospect. They are constantly scouring outside lists or 3rd party data for names that they can acquire to send outbound marketing communications. But to reach today’s consumers, there are different methods to attract new customers, centered on the rise of inbound marketing.