Erin Devitt

How life stage drives millennials’ car purchasing decisions

Author: Erin Devitt

Millennials are the largest living generation totaling 83 million people. Understanding the behavior of millennials and the why behind their behavior is paramount. But the key to marketing to millennials lies in letting go of the idea that millennials as a cohort all act in the same ways. The truth is that their age doesn’t determine their behaviors and preferences, their life stage does. For example, a millennial mom makes different purchase decisions than a millennial who has just graduated college.

Shift your automotive marketing into high gear

Author: Erin Devitt

The car buying process has shifted drastically over the past few years. While we’re not talking about marketing Google’s self-driving cars quite yet, according to Google the average car shopper today makes just two dealership visits in search for a car. Consumers have access to more information and resources that aid them in their decision-making process, making visiting the dealership one of the last steps in the purchase process. To sustain loyalty in a low-frequency marketplace, automotive marketers must shift their mindset towards building customer trust and maintaining customer engagement through the entire ownership lifecycle.  But there’s a lot for automotive marketers to consider.