Jackie Marquis

Why data is a key component of micro- moment marketing

Author: Jackie Marquis

Marketers talk a lot about micro-moments these days. Micro-moments are the individual inflection points within a consumer’s everyday life. When marketers bring data, technology and creative together to message to customers in ‘those moments’ it drives long-term success for brands. With consumers experiencing 150+ micro-moments daily, marketers at the recent NEMOA directXchange conference discussed how data is integral to capitalizing on these opportunities to make meaningful customer connections.

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Reimagining your data strategy

Author: Jackie Marquis

“Data is fuel. Data inspires.” These were common themes among attendees at NEMOA’s directXchange conference last month. Over 500 marketers joined forces to discuss the key trends in data and share success stories on how to maintain continuity in all channels. Savvy marketers are now leveraging the culmination of offline and online data to produce successful marketing programs in and outside of the mailbox.

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Why online retailers are leveraging offline marketing tactics

Author: Jackie Marquis

The emergence of pure play online retailers has caused disruption in the retail landscape since the launch of Amazon in 1995. Online sales continue to make gains. In Q2 of this year, e-commerce sales grew faster than they have in nearly two years according to Internet Retailer. For the always-on consumer, the online channel provides convenience and immediate access to products and information. Advances in digital technology and mobile now make the online shopping experience even easier for consumers with one-click checkout and in-app purchases.

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