Jay Mellman

MarTech is hard: Focus on your needs, not just the tools

Author: Jay Mellman

I recently wrote about the false hopes and hidden costs that marketing automation is bringing to many companies. With the best of intentions, leaders often hope that new technologies and capabilities will pull teams together and these newly empowered marketers will drive breakthrough returns. While companies understand the need to give tools to their marketers, the balance of the problems we see are often unrelated to the technology. And the latest research underscores some of the issues: many fewer teams cite budget as the reason for a lack of adoption. As Scott Brinker, president and CTO of ion interactive wrote, “there are all these tools now; what do we actually do with them.” Especially as customers expect a more seamless and always-on experience, the challenge for marketing leaders is finding a more cohesive technology approach that meets those demands. The question is how do you ease the transitions in moving from the first generation of marketing automation to something more integrated and customer-centric?

Why marketing automation isn’t bringing you immediate success

Author: Jay Mellman

Nearly every organization is using some sort of marketing automation today. Just like CRM helped automate sales during the previous decade, today marketing automation promises to help create a more analytic- and process-driven approach for marketing teams. But in our experience across both B2C and B2B companies, we see that usage, and even overall adoption, is stalling.