Jean-Yves Sabot

Get to know your customers in 2017

Author: Jean-Yves Sabot

It’s no secret getting to know your customers is essential for marketing success and data is a key element to achieving this. Marketers have long leveraged data to gain insight into the behavior of their customers and send promotional offers based on data attributes like past purchase behavior or upcoming celebrations (birthday or anniversary). But in the age of digital really understanding your customers is two-fold. Marketers need to first understand who their customers are, their demographics, past purchases and lifestyles. And they need to extend these insights to gain a deeper understanding a customer’s life stage – which research shows plays a large role in determining consumer preferences and behaviors. Going beyond more traditional data attributes, marketers must then look to gain a single view of their customers across devices, time and media to succeed in the era of digital.

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2015 consumer holiday shopping outlook

Author: Jean-Yves Sabot

For most retailers holiday planning is well underway and has been for some time. But what’s on the minds’ of consumers this holiday shopping season and what can retailers expect? Today, Epsilon announced findings from recent consumer holiday shopping research, which was conducted in June and surveyed more than 3,000 consumers.

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