Kelly Nickerson

Vice President, Retail Strategy, Epsilon My role I lead Epsilon’s Retail CRM Strategic Consulting team and help our clients leverage data, tools and insights to drive performance and profit. We keep one foot squarely planted on either side of the bricks-digital divide; to us, the ‘human channel’ is just an extension of the digital experience. We thrive on designing innovative strategies that incent incremental customer behavior with measureable business impact; we balance ‘quick wins’ with long term efforts to maintain visibility while maximizing performance. My story My passion is helping clients adopt new ways of customer-centric thinking to the point it becomes part of their DNA. That includes developing agile marketing insights capabilities for rapid prototyping and transforming customer data into a repository of corporate intelligence to be tapped by the enterprise. My background is in wholesale, retail and restaurant hospitality with experience in point of sale, merchandising, business intelligence and CRM solutions; I’m grateful to have had full transparency with a wide range of data across my travels to help transform it from insight to action with precision. We team up with consultants in our Technology, Organization, Data and CX practice areas for holistic customer assessment and strategic roadmap activities in which Performance is a top transformation ingredient; we closely examine the ‘People & Process’ side to ensure recommendations are actionable with high potential to succeed. I identify ways to quickly turn data – into information – to proactive insight – to prescriptive action, all prioritized on fact-based insights for likelihood to impact performance. During summers you’ll find me lakeside with my family at the cottage, in winters sporting a Montreal Canadians jersey at the rink cheering on my daughter’s Ringette team. My philosophy I think in terms of ‘unlocking the value’ of customer data. I like to view my clients’ CRM solution as an ATM, for which we design strategies and apply analytics to make bigger and better withdrawals…all while growing the principal. Finding ways to help retailers monetize their customer assets through data enrichment, segmentation, experience delivery, personalization and channel optimization helps pivot them to customer centricity. Experience is the new product, and data is the new currency; strategy combines the two for high impact business performance. My qualifications Bachelor of Commerce, McGill University, Montreal Canada Bachelor of Arts, Concordia University, Montreal Canada

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Author: Kelly Nickerson

Epsilon’s Retail Strategic Consulting practice counsels clients on CRM and loyalty strategies that help drive profitable growth. Advising on best practices to optimize customer acquisition, retention and personalization, the team helps clients navigate through customer-centric transformation. This Meet a Marketing Expert series is designed to pull the curtain back on new viewpoints from across Epsilon, its affiliates and partners, on deepening customer intelligence and implementing programs with impact.