Liz Buderus

Catalog value in the digital age

Author: Liz Buderus

With the back to school shopping season behind us and holiday right around the corner, retail marketers are in last-minute planning and execution mode. To create shopping inspiration in consumers, several retailers are actively leveraging the catalog as part of their omnichannel strategy during Holiday 2018. It’s important to understand the value of the catalog and why retailers are investing in this channel as part of their campaign and program efforts.

The power of data: achieving trust in your loyalty program

Author: Liz Buderus

We talk a lot about consistency as it relates to data and marketing strategy. Being consistent with messaging is essential, and adding some repetition can be a good thing. Often times marketers’ want to communicate to new people instead of the same people repeatedly to drive incremental new customers as well as revenue, but research proves that the more times consumers hear from brands, the more likely they are to respond and interact with your brand versus a one-time communication.

Leveraging data to create emotional intelligence for marketing

Author: Liz Buderus

Think about a photograph or painting you’ve seen that made you laugh out loud.  Or moved you deeply.  Think about looking at a fashion magazine and how you think of yourself wearing those pants to work or your next night out.  Images invoke an emotional reaction in us and when they do they often stay in our minds for an extended period of time.  How can you leverage this when utilizing data?