Liz Buderus

Leveraging data to create emotional intelligence for marketing

Author: Liz Buderus

Think about a photograph or painting you’ve seen that made you laugh out loud.  Or moved you deeply.  Think about looking at a fashion magazine and how you think of yourself wearing those pants to work or your next night out.  Images invoke an emotional reaction in us and when they do they often stay in our minds for an extended period of time.  How can you leverage this when utilizing data?

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Talking to your diverse donors

Author: Liz Buderus

Not all donors are the same. They give at different times and for different reasons. High dollar donors might want to be messaged to differently than an event participant. What messaging will engage a new donor and how does your organization keep that individual?  Understanding motivations, values and propensity to give is important in cultivating donor loyalty and developing a relationship with your constituents.

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