Maureen Moran

How data makes the customer connection ‘one mile’ at a time

Author: Maureen Moran

Digital transformation in the automobile industry has resulted in several innovations that are fueled by data insights. The Internet of Things and connected cars have driven capabilities such as remote car starts, guidance capability with voice assistant such as Google or Siri, geo-fencing and more. It’s predicted that by 2020, 98% of vehicles on the road will have connected car technologies within them. For example, several automobile manufacturers are leveraging connected vehicle technology to help track the ‘health condition’ of a car. When the vehicle is started, data is collected and transferred and then provides status updates on things like; brakes, oil life, tire pressure and more. That information triggers a status update communication that is sent to the vehicle owner along with a personalized service reminder. Because of the connected car data, automobile manufacturers can deliver personalized service notifications based on the true health needs of the vehicle.

For the love of data

Author: Maureen Moran

Data is everywhere. As marketers, we use data to create new customer relationships and deepen existing ones. With the abundance of data out there, it’s getting more difficult to not only acquire customers but also to find the right data for our business. It’s about better, not necessarily bigger data and we need to find the right data match that will fulfill our marketing needs and help us exceed our goals.