Michael Miller

I like olives: embracing the internet of things for consumer data

Author: Michael Miller

When I get groceries at Stop & Shop, I never buy olives. So based on my consumer behavior, Stop & Shop has likely assumed that I dislike olives and hence never markets them to me. But the company may be surprised to learn that I’m SO keen on olives, I purchase them at a specialty market where I can buy them in bulk.

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How to grow your brand ecosystem

Author: Michael Miller

Flipping your textbook pages back to elementary school science class, you may or may not remember an important unit on ecosystems, in which students are taught how communities of living organisms interact with their environments. Working as a system, all components of an ecosystem are linked together through nutrient cycles and energy flows, each part contributing to the system’s overall operation.

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Mind the gap: Execute on your data

Author: Michael Miller

There’s a massive amount of data across the digital ecosystem. So much in fact, Google stopped counting indexed URLs at one trillion. Here are just a few other staggering stats: Google boasts over 100 terabytes of data, YouTube receives four billion views per day and there are 124 billion tweets per year, that’s 4,200 tweets per second.

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