Pamela McAtee

AOL hard-bounce email issue

Author: Pamela McAtee

On the evening of 3/29 between approximately 8pm - 9:30pm eastern time (ET), AOL suffered a technical issue where every email sent to them received a "recipient address rejected" reply.  This means any deployments actively attempting deliveries in that time frame may have caused valid AOL (and affiliated domain) addresses to be flagged invalid for future campaigns. Epsilon is currently working to identify any such addresses that may have been incorrectly “bounced out” in that time frame and restore these records to their proper state for any clients using our DREAM, DREAMmail, or Harmony platforms.   If you have any questions please contact your account team. If you are using an Email Service Provider (ESP) other than Epsilon, we recommend you consult with your provider to ensure they have evaluated the impact on any of your campaigns during this time and have made necessary adjustments to any email addresses who were opted out due to this issue.

3 ways to seize the benefit of email’s versatility

Author: Pamela McAtee

Be nimble. Make sure your marketing plans can adapt to change. Sound familiar? That’s the life we live as marketers in the era of digital transformation. Although we spend months in planning sessions to ensure i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed with each marketing campaign, it’s important that flexibility is built into the planning process.

iOS 10: What it means for email marketing

Author: Pamela McAtee

With the recent release of iOS 10 comes a new “feature” to the native mail app – a grey bar at the top of every email that tells consumers if an email message is from a mailing list, with a link to easily unsubscribe.  This isn’t the first time Apple has made moves to limit the amount of marketing messages iPhone users see. In 2015 with the introduction of iOS9, Apple sparked controversy over allowing users to download ad blockers for Safari. Apple also introduced a “Limit Ad Tracking” feature that has been enhanced in iOS 10.