Rick Boubelik

Forget 1:1. 1:You is the new marketing reality

Author: Rick Boubelik

I recently led a roundtable with Epsilon loyalty clients, and one of the key areas of discussion was how machine learning is transforming the loyalty industry. After more than 25 years in this space, I continue to be amazed by the many ways the industry can improve the customer experience and drive more revenue for companies. During the roundtable, there were discussions on how machine learning will reshape the way companies utilize loyalty programs in the near future, augmenting what can be achieved by humans alone, to deliver truly personalized experiences. Today, machine learning is enhancing data-driven marketing strategies, creating a shift from 1:1 (a messaging strategy that’s ‘generically personalized’ with promotional offers) to 1:You (a holistic customer experience strategy that’s personalized with the best choice for individuals across all points on interactions).

Differentiate your loyalty program with convenience

Author: Rick Boubelik

As loyalty marketers, we’re constantly looking for ways to differentiate our programs, our rewards, and create experiences for our members to achieve lifetime connections. We’re confronted with multiple technology options to enhance our loyalty programs and we spend hours deciphering the best solution for our brand. It’s imperative to find the differentiator for your loyalty program to drive customer engagement.