Robert Cosentino

5 steps to develop a content strategy

Author: Robert Cosentino

In our last blog post, we addressed the importance of a content strategy framework that meets both your goals and objectives, and customer needs. A complete approach to content strategy incorporates both of these platforms to develop a recommendation that holistically incorporates content assets, tools and processes needed to create the ideal customer experience.

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Content strategy: A clear and differentiated definition

Author: Robert Cosentino

I’ve asked many clients  what content strategy means to them. Their answers vary widely based on who I’m asking, their background and their  specific objectives. This is because most organizations usually focus on one dimension when solving for their content strategy. For example, creative teams and their agencies will focus on the raw content assets. Developers will focus on the back-end management of content that supports storage and decimation of content. Marketing and technology teams will focus on the management of content as a workflow and brand teams will focus on the governing aspects of managing large amounts of content.

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Understanding the importance of content strategy

Author: Robert Cosentino

Everyone is talking about content strategy and content marketing, and there is a reason why this is happening. Marketers are faced with the growing challenge of reaching over-marketed customers; and customers expect companies to provide them with content that is relevant to them. This shift in customer expectations means that companies have to start looking at marketing content in a different light, and focus their efforts on their customers’ needs and wants.

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