How retailers are creating a blended customer experience

For years, retail brands have struggled with a divided organization—digital strategy may be in one silo and in-store marketing may be in another. To progress, retailers know that they have to re-evaluate their strategic priorities. We all know that stores sales are declining, but we also know that discounting isn’t always the right approach. So what is the answer?

Many brands are now strategically realigning their organizations—breaking down the silos and blending channels to create the engaging in-store shopping experience that today’s consumers are seeking.

But this type of evolution isn’t easy. It can be a fine line that requires careful planning—if brands don’t craft the shopping experience that their clientele is looking for, they’ll fall behind. Yet, if they overstretch their capabilities, their growth will be stunted.

Today, most consumers want fast, efficient and intuitive shopping experiences. Are you reaching their expectations?

See how retailers are fusing trends and channels to create a customer-centric shopping experience in our new eBook, The Blended Customer Experience. You’ll find what’s trending and how retailers are moving forward to shape their organizations, stores and digital experiences around their customer.

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