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On October 1-4, 2018, Advertising Week will bring together 100,000+ industry professionals exclusively at AMC Loews Lincoln Square Theater for the event’s 15th anniversary. The one-of-a-kind global gathering of marketing and communications leaders consists of seminars, workshops, networking, and exceptional entertainment throughout the week.

Epsilon and Conversant have a robust presence this year as the host of multiple sessions, panels and workshops led by our company executives and leaders. As an all-encompassing global marketing innovator and a leader in personalized digital advertising, Epsilon and Conversant will provide unique perspectives and insights on the topics of identity, data, measurement, brand building and the future of marketing.

Come join our business leaders at the following sessions:

Monday, October 1

9:00 a.m. Transformation Allstars
This panel of C-suite leaders will take you through their rise to the top. They will discuss transformation as a key skill for business growth.

Epsilon and Conversant speaker: Stacey Hawes, President, Data Practice

10:00 a.m. The New Retail Game

How do you win in the new game of retail? It’s about relevance, personalization, expanding your CRM and loyalty. You must communicate to your consumers based on their interests - focusing on key vertical areas, but everything is changing day to day. What isn’t changing is the concept of having to enhance the user experience in order to drive tangible business results. The onus is on marketers and retailers to be innovators and maintain loyalty in order to stand out. This panel speaks to the role of data and analytics in keeping up with changes in spend and the new age of retail.

Epsilon and Conversant speaker: Jeff Fagel, SVP, Head of Marketing

2:00 p.m. Back to Basics: Understanding Identity, Data, Attribution and Platforms

Look out on the crowded field of tech companies. They all say they have the answers. Who’s right? Who can you trust? Join us for four 30-minute sessions as we look at the key areas of Data, Identity, Platforms and Attribution. We’ll discuss the differences between 1st and 3rd party data; how personally and non-personally identifiable data are used to optimize marketing across all channels. We’ll discuss a new path forward. To take us from what’s complex to what’s easier. From expectations to measurable outcomes.

Epsilon and Conversant speakers: Carl Madaffari, SVP, Database Solutions and Dave Scrim, SVP Product and Pricing

Tuesday, October 2

10:05 a.m. Discover Talk: Brand Building: It’s Not a Skyscraper Anymore

Fundamentally, marketing hasn’t changed. We’re still trying to get consumers to pay attention, care about our brands and products, and buy from us. But the world around us has utterly transformed. Texts, posts, pins, snaps, stories, streams. Binge-watching on more channels than we can count. We have less of our consumers’ time, and that time is increasingly elusive. Still, they expect you to know them: what they like, what they have, what they want, how they shop, what they stand for. We’ll discuss a new path forward.

Epsilon and Conversant speaker: Jeff Fagel, SVP, Head of Marketing

10:15 a.m. Trust Your Customers: Channel KPIs Are Meaningless. Customer KPIs Are the Future

When you have bad data—or don’t trust data—the result is often wasted ad spend. That’s why clients need greater visibility into measurement and accurate insight into campaign performance. Channel KPIs traditionally provided clients perspective to make their decisions, but that time has passed. Today, clients must focus on KPIs that align results to customer experience. This session will address how clients can use customer KPIs to obtain accurate measurement and attribution, and fuel future decisioning.

Epsilon and Conversant speaker: Rob Cosentino, SVP, Strategic Consulting  

Wednesday, October 3

1:30 p.m. Agency of the Future

This is a period of uncertainty for advertising agencies. In order to survive agencies must evolve and distinguish themselves from others. What does the future look like? Will agencies cease to exist or take on a new form? Join this panel of leading executives from holding companies, agency startups and newcomers in agency marketing services for a discussion centered on what is to come for agencies.

Epsilon and Conversant speaker: Sandy Kolkey, Chief Client Officer, Agency 

You won’t want to miss this thought-provoking and valuable content. Learn more about our sessions here.


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