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3 factors critical to customer loyalty

Author: Glenn Squire

Cheap. Fast. Good. Pick Two. These five words are on a 1950’s era sign at my Texas barber. Every time I see the sign I chuckle. I smile partially because this sign essentially describes my barber to a T, but also because I don’t want to pick just two, I want it all. That’s the thing about consumers; consumers will choose a brand to work with based on essentially three factors:

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Creating Harmonized Experiences That Drive Loyalty for Life

Author: Chris Norton

You’re researching and planning your next family vacation to Disney World in Orlando, FL.  A few days later, you receive an email with an offer from the same brand of hotels near “Lego World” in California as you recently filled out a direct mail piece indicating you’d like to learn more about visiting “Lego World”. Hold on …. the phone rings. It’s a Vacation Club who’s affiliated with the brand of hotel you’re interested in but this hotel is near Disney Land in Anaheim, CA. They learned of your interest when you called the brand’s hotel toll-free number to inquire about specials and then hit #1 to learn more about a magical Disney Land, not World, experience. Sound familiar? I’m not going to California so the Disney Land messages are just wasted touchpoints, creating “noise” and confusing my experience with the brand.

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