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The pivotal role of email address in database management

Author: Jean-Yves Sabot

Most retailers are collecting emails from newsletter signups, ecommerce, loyalty program signups and e-receipts. According to recent research, 38 percent of consumers report having two email addresses and 31 percent report having three to four addresses. But with disparate databases and volumes of customer records—some old, some new and others incomplete – how do you know if you’re reaching customers not only in the right channel but via their preferred email?

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Understanding a consumer's retailer of choice and what drives their loyalty

Author: Mike Oberle

For each retail category (apparel, shoes, electronics etc.), consumers have many choices when deciding where to make their purchase. Clearly things like price, quality and variety come into play, but as marketers, it’s important to understand why consumers choose the brands they do. And, marketers need to understand what drives these consumer brand preferences. Consider these four ‘drivers’:


Restarting her career

Author: Epsilon India

As part of crafting a diverse and inclusive work culture SheRises was introduced at Epsilon India. It is a career reboot program for women who are restarting their careers. This initiative was inspired by RestartHer, a career fair for women. Upon receiving hundreds of profiles from them, last year, SheRises began with the selection of ten talents for an internship program. The four-month-long internship was inclusive of personal development and professional training, followed by hands-on experience working on live projects. This initiative helped women reach their professional goals and four of them are now a part of Epsilon family. Here are their interesting stories:

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