Acquired in November 2012, creative, digital and shopper agency Ryan Partnership today completes its adoption into the Epsilon family by changing its name. Ryan Partnership will now be known as Epsilon and will offer an extended range of services:

  • Marketing data & insights: We help brands use marketing data to understand their customers' lifestyles, attitudes and behaviors, so they can connect with them on a deeper level based on these deep insights.
  • Strategy & analytics: Our strategies are based on consumers’ insights and enable you to see things as your customers see them. We add rich analytics to the mix and are able to uncover opportunities to connect with new and existing customers like never before.
  • Marketing technology: We innovate and create technology solutions that enable connections between brands and customers, giving you not only a deep understanding but also unparalleled access to your target audience.
  • Creative engagement: We win awards because our creative approach is fresh, intelligent and it works. We engage customers and connect them to brands at an emotional level.
  • Media reach: We source and select the right media for your marketing goals, so you know that you’re always reaching your customer or prospect in the right way and achieving measurable outcomes.


Existing clients will benefit from increased resources, knowledge and capabilities, while still enjoying the friendly, flexible service that has built our agency’s reputation.


Our story so far:


Smartphones have led to a generation of even smarter consumers. They’re not waiting to be marketed to. Instead they’re actively seeking, then sharing, knowledge. Ryan Partnership’s data resources enable them to be one step ahead of your consumers, delivering equity, engagement and brand activation at every touchpoint and in real-time. Gone is the traditional path to purchase. Ryan Partnership has the expertise to show you how the right interactions can lead to unprecedented results.


Since being acquired in 2012 by Epsilon, Ryan Partnership now has big data on their side. But it’s what they do with that data that really makes a difference.



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