Cannes Lions 2016 is a wrap and it was exciting to follow Jessica and Mark as they documented their Firsts in France  during their journey in Cannes.

Some key trends arose at the week long festival including confirmation that Cannes now goes far beyond your traditional brand creatives; and the conversation around diversity in advertising is still not over.

Here are some of the highlights and insights that came back with our two creatives from the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 

Don Baer is the Worldwide Chair and CEO of the global strategic communications firm Burson-Marsteller, a WPP company. This empowering and inspiring quote from Baer is spot-on and so important to keep in mind no matter what industry you are working in.big-idas

Millennials. There are countless adjectives people use to describe them—some positive, some not so much. Regardless of how they are described, it is a fact that millennials are the largest living generation in U.S. history and are quickly becoming the majority in the workforce today. Hard-hitting stats like this one are making companies realize the change that is upon us with this new generation taking over the workforce. Millennials hold different values and beliefs that will cause companies to rethink how to market, promote, and sell their company and products in the industry.  And change how they think about attracting top talent.

Diversity in advertising was a key theme at this year’s Cannes Lions. has the mission to end objectification of women in advertising and to stop the harm it causes. Their mission also includes supporting brands that empower women and to inspire the world to find a better way. This statistic speaks for itself and demonstrates the need for change in ad campaigns that do not positively incorporate women into them.


Two-time Academy Award nominee, Will Smith inspired the crowd at Cannes with his story of his perspective on life. Smith combines creative fulfillment with an overall focus on impactful and purpose driven endeavors that go well beyond the world of entertainment.


And perhaps the most appropriate conclusion to the inspiring week:

Thank you


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