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Personalized email communications drive click rates 241% higher than standard email messages

Author: Epsilon Marketing

Marketing is more data-driven than ever before and email is no exception. Email certainly isn’t the cool, new kid on the block as it’s been around for quite some time, but opportunity still exists with the channel to drive personalized marketing communications.

Tags: Personalized Marketing, Q1 2016 Email Trends and Benchmarks, Topic, US, Analytics & Research, Email

Research unveils the impact digital is really having on consumer shopping decisions

Author: Epsilon Marketing

It’s no secret digital and social have a huge impact on consumer shopping decisions. But what channels and platforms are making an impact? And in what way? Epsilon analyzed consumer shopping habits and sentiment in Q1 2016 via our self-reported consumer survey, Shoppers Voice®. Key insights emerged that shed light in to how consumers are navigating digital and social on their path to purchase.

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