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Loyalty levers and the pattern trifecta

Author: John Bartold

For more than 25 years I’ve been seeking to understand why people are ‘loyal’ to a brand and what brands can do to increase the loyalty of consumers. I’ve read countless articles including academic papers, leading business publications, books and research studies on the subject; explored the fields of neuroscience, psychology, sociology and history to gain a comprehensive understanding of what triggers or attributes make people genuinely ‘loyal’. In the end, I’ve concluded that there is no clear definition of loyalty because the elements that incite loyalty vary, and are largely dependent on the person and/or the situation. About 10 years ago a group of colleagues and I developed a model that we felt was the foundation of a loyal state.  The model has three dimensions: Value, Brand and Dialogue. In the middle of this model is the concept of design, data and technology that allows brands to dynamically power the three dimensions across a broad set of consumers, and to apply the right lever based on the individual and the particular situation. When all three dimensions are satisfied for a consumer, loyalty is achieved.  Unlike the law of trade-offs where you must only settle for two, all three dimensions must be realized for loyalty to be authentic. For example:

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You are what you post: Managing your personal brand in the social sphere

Author: Chris Hanson

Corporate recruiting, along with just about every other facet of our personal and professional lives, has changed as a result of social media. From the way employers share open positions to the means by which candidates seek recommendations, our behavior has evolved due to the influence of the social sphere.

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