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2015 consumer holiday shopping outlook

Author: Jean-Yves Sabot

For most retailers holiday planning is well underway and has been for some time. But what’s on the minds’ of consumers this holiday shopping season and what can retailers expect? Today, Epsilon announced findings from recent consumer holiday shopping research, which was conducted in June and surveyed more than 3,000 consumers.

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Understanding the why behind consumer purchases

Author: Gillian MacPherson

As marketers, we have access to data and insights on consumer behavior, brand interactions and ultimately their choice to purchase from a brand. But one question often remains elusive: Why didn’t they make the purchase? To help answer this, marketers need to peel back the data layers to understand consumer behavior, including knowing when it’s important to reach out to consumers directly to get the answers they need.

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Marketers need to think outside the ‘moving’ box

Author: Warren Storey

According to past Epsilon research, consumers typically spend around $9,000 (per household) on goods, services and financial and insurance products when they move into a new home. New movers present a unique, time-sensitive and lucrative opportunity for brands to effectively engage these consumers and retain or gain loyal customers.

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