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Observations from holiday 2016 to take with you in the new year

Author: Kara Trivunovic

As I look at my Christmas tree that I still have not yet put away, it immediately brings me back to the family, shopping, stress and email that just ensued over the past few weeks. The volume of email that marketers sent during the holidays definitely spiked. Year-over-year increases were steady and Black Friday itself showed a 55% volume increase. When volume increases like this it’s even more difficult to stand out from the clutter of the inbox. So what did marketers do this holiday season to differentiate their brand? And what can we learn from these approaches for the year ahead?

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The transformation of storytelling

Author: Tom Edwards

I recently had the opportunity to speak at the Modern Marketing Summit Upfront @ Internet Week to discuss the transformation of storytelling. With digital content being consumed in greater amounts and in more varying forms, brands have a greater opportunity to tell their story in intriguing and creative ways. But it also means the definition of storytelling is changing and more is required from brands and their partners to deliver a good story.

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