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Navigating the inbox: Knowing when to say goodbye

Author: Kara Trivunovic

Saying goodbye is never easy. It can be difficult and complicated, but when it comes to your email program it may be a necessary task. What makes it so difficult for marketers to say farewell? Largely it is tied to the fact that they still want to try to engage and the customer hasn’t specifically said goodbye – they’ve just gone silent. But determining how much silence is equivalent to “so long” varies by customer.

Navigating the inbox: Apology

Author: Kara Trivunovic

We are all human – and that means a lot of things, but mostly it means that we aren’t perfect. As an imperfect species that means that sometimes…mistakes happen. Depending on one’s disposition determines how mistakes are responded to. Some will analyze the mistake to understand why it happened, others will chalk it up to fate and still others will try to fix it or excuse it. The fact is, how one handles a mistake is frequently more important than the mistake itself.