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Resolve to giving digital-centric agencies a chance in 2017

Author: Richard McDonald

To say it has been an eventful year would be an understatement. Now at the helm of Epsilon’s agency business, I am at the center of the hyperbole that is the ad industry’s so-called “identity crisis.”  Sure the fight for consumer’s attention has intensified, resulting in noticeable shifts like Dentsu’s acquisition of Merkle. And yes, it has resulted in headlines like “Epsilon Wins Del Monte, May Be Coming for Your Clients.” But what is really at the center of these changes and dramatic headlines?

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4 ways retailers can bring video to customers through email

Author: Lauren Gentile

Although video is not new to the email channel, it’s quickly becoming one of the hottest topics in email marketing circles. We all love watching videos, and as we begin to engage more with this content we are not only delighted when brands share videos, we are beginning to expect the brands we love to send us video content. Historically, adoption rates for embedded video have been low due to inconsistent support from email clients, which translates to inconsistent user experiences. But video brings value into the inbox, it drives engagement and it should be leveraged as a way for retailers to create compelling experiences and ultimately drive conversions.

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