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Marketing automation:  The promise of profits

Author: Jay Mellman

On the heels of adopting customer relationship management (CRM) software, many of you raced to also implement marketing automation (MA). The promise is enticing—improving the ability to manage campaigns, drive faster lead conversions and better align with the sales process across all channels. But the reality is far less; oftentimes these tool-sets end up managing little more than emails, landing pages and lead scoring.

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How to choose the right marketing tools

Author: Matthew Turner

I love to camp. In fact, if not for work obligations, I would be backcountry camping every week of October (as well as a backpacking trip the first week of November). Camping—especially in the backcountry—is a serious hobby. Not just in that I take it seriously, but that one wrong decision could be life-changing. As I result, I’m very interested in camping gear and can easily spend half of a Saturday browsing at my local REI.

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