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Make your loyalty program everyday exceptional

Author: Jennifer Browers

As consumers, we’ve come to expect receiving offers, discounts and promotions from the loyalty programs and brands we follow for pretty much every holiday. We also expect a discount or offer in celebration of our birthday. And, even another offer right after we’ve made a large purchase, to try and get us to shop again. There’s usually no lack of offers or promotions when it comes to loyalty programs. While some of these loyalty engagement tactics do work, they’re also expected and anticipated. They also don’t necessarily make customers feel valued, appreciated, respected or grateful- which are four of the six positive emotions that drive loyalty, according to Forrester Research.

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The Building Blocks Of Personalization

Author: Tad Fordyce

‘Block’ One: Achieving A 360-Degree Customer View Through Data Capture

Personalization is marketing’s Holy Grail. In fact, 80% of consumers are more likely to do business with a company if it offers personalized experiences. So how can you incorporate more personalization into your marketing programs? To help break it down, I like to advise clients to think of it in stages, or a series of building blocks to reach your personalization goals:

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3 factors critical to customer loyalty

Author: Glenn Squire

Cheap. Fast. Good. Pick Two. These five words are on a 1950’s era sign at my Texas barber. Every time I see the sign I chuckle. I smile partially because this sign essentially describes my barber to a T, but also because I don’t want to pick just two, I want it all. That’s the thing about consumers; consumers will choose a brand to work with based on essentially three factors:

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