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3 phases to effectively engaging newly acquired customers

Author: Dan DeZutter

Digital affords brands more opportunities to acquire new customers. But the speed at which you can acquire these customers must also be met with a readiness to deliver a compelling and consistent customer experience.  If you read my last article, your inbound acquisition efforts were hopefully successful. But once you acquire a new customer, how do you keep them and drive loyalty to your brand?

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4 tips to spring clean your data

Author: Liz Buderus

The spring cleaning phenomenon may be well under way in your home and it’s a concept that shouldn’t be overlooked by marketers.  The yearly undertaking should be viewed as an opportunity to evaluate strategies and programs to determine what needs to be cleaned up (or out) for the second half of the year.  As marketers become much more data-driven, it’s important to evaluate both the quality and quantity of your data. Here are four data spring cleaning tips to consider:

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