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Email marketers and the complex marketing landscape

Author: Epsilon Marketing

This post is contributed by David Daniels, CEO & Founder, The Relevancy Group. The Relevancy Group (TRG) combines original and thought-provoking market research with unrivaled consulting services to help buyers and sellers alike to compete more effectively within the broader online economy. Epsilon achieved the leader’s ring in The Relevancy Ring—ESP Buyer’s Guide 2015.

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Don't pack up your customer service during the holiday clean-up

Author: Epsilon Marketing

January is the time of year to pack up from the holidays and get organized for the New Year. Remember, the one thing you shouldn’t ‘pack-up’ is your customer service. It should remain front and center on your shelves, always. January is an ideal time to refresh your customer service and ensure your team members are offering top notch service during the holiday return process and beyond.

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