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I like olives: embracing the internet of things for consumer data

Author: Michael Miller

When I get groceries at Stop & Shop, I never buy olives. So based on my consumer behavior, Stop & Shop has likely assumed that I dislike olives and hence never markets them to me. But the company may be surprised to learn that I’m SO keen on olives, I purchase them at a specialty market where I can buy them in bulk.

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What marketers can learn from New York city street signs

Author: Shannon Aronson

During my daily, eight-block voyage from the train station to the office, rarely do I take notice of the hundreds of signs enticing me to buy “the best coffee in the world” or take part in some “epic annual sale.” In order for a street sign to really capture my attention, it needs to be unique, creative and compelling. It needs to stand out from the dozens of others sharing the same sidewalk.

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