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3 ways to enhance your marketing strategy with personas

Author: Tammy Young

Marketing is both an art and science. The art of marketing includes design elements like color, imagery and layout. And regarding the science, it’s all in the power of data and getting to know your customers, one persona at a time. Personas are developed based on extensive research that reflects the behaviors and personality characteristics of the key segments brands market to. These personas help guide brands to a deeper consumer conversation and assist marketers in the development of their personalization strategy so they know when, how and in what channel to communicate the message.

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Spring into improved data-driven marketing programs

Author: Mary Staples

Here in Colorado the ski season is winding down and Spring has sprung! Transformation is occurring as the flowers bloom, trees bud and the grass turns green. The Epsilon data team recently met with clients in our annual Client Advisory Forum and the conversations provided insightful tips to inspire data-driven marketing transformation. Consider these client-driven tips to kick off your Spring:

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Achieve omnichannel success through data infrastructure

Author: Jackie Marquis

As brands continue to focus on data strategies aligned to the integration of offline and online, modeling and analytics to achieve personalization and more, it’s become apparent that data is taking on a bigger role. Companies are hiring teams of data scientists to generate deep customer insights and are relying on data efforts to generate a return on marketing spend.

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