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Healthcare marketing: Evolving the sphere of influence

Author: Jason Pendlebury

Healthcare professionals (HCPs) are a busy bunch, even more time and resource constrained than your average marketer.  Being an effective marketer in today’s hectic pharma-world requires a finely balanced equation that is part data science and part art. These two pieces together must allow you to understand how to interpret and translate said data into something meaningful, through art, in a way that actually influences clinical decisions. When combined, these solutions can move a brand’s yardsticks towards that elusive TRx Touchdown . So what data and information actually matters?

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3 ways to maximize customer interactions

Author: Dan DeZutter

As a frequent traveler, I have strong brand loyalty to a specific airline, car rental company and hotel chain. One of the few perks of business travel is collecting rewards and using them for great family vacations. As a marketer I’m keenly aware of the benefits loyalty programs provide as well as the customer experiences I receive as part of these programs. This includes understanding the ways in which travel companies market to me when I am in flight or on property. During one recent stay at my favorite hotel brand I noticed a missed marketing opportunity that I thought was a good lesson for all marketers. Here’s what happened.

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