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5 key insights for retailers this holiday season

Author: Epsilon Marketing

While many brands spent the beginning of the year preparing their organizations for the changing future of retail – creating operational efficiencies, and developing more personalized messaging for their target audiences – Epsilon and Conversant in conjunction with Alliance Data’s businesses have joined forces to provide retailers with rich proprietary insights, expert advice and actionable recommendations to help them get ready and informed for the holiday season ahead.

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3 myths to avoid when marketing to boomers+ and millennials

Author: Stacey Hawes

Truly reaching your audience requires an ability to identify consumer insights that enable you to communicate to your customers as individuals. But perhaps you’re starting by focusing on the wrong generation or putting too much emphasis on emerging generations like millennials. That’s why we’re paying attention to the 50+ group (boomers+), how they buy, where they spend and what motivates their spending power.

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How creative colors can impact email marketing efforts

Author: Jason Witt

Colors are symbolic and carry different meanings that connect emotionally with people around the world. Colors are an integral part of marketing creative, adding deeper meaning to your marketing communications. For email marketers, the selection of color is a key component of the creative strategy and can directly affect the response success of an email. In analyzing 4th of July holiday promotions we saw ample creative ‘play’ off of the colors of red, white and blue. In the United States, the colors have ’literal’ meanings.  Within the context of the holiday,  the red signifies courage, the white resembles purity and the blue stands for justice.

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