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Google AMPs up email offerings

Author: Cindy Hamilton

Google recently made a big announcement that has the email community buzzing and could impact the way we interact with our inboxes. It’s called AMP for Email, and it’s a subset of their web version of AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages), which launched in 2016. AMP for Email offers more actionable and engaging email experiences. It allows subscribers to complete tasks, take action and do things like RSVP to an event, schedule an appointment or fill out a questionnaire, all without leaving their inbox.

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Navigating the inbox – the value of a welcome series

Author: Kara Trivunovic

New relationships are exciting. It is a time when you get to know someone and they get to know you. You learn about each other and determine how symbiotic the relationship can be, which takes time. So why is it that more than 90% of brands are sending only one welcome message? Capitalizing on the welcome messaging opportunities, at a time when the subscriber is highly engaged, is one of the continued, big misses by brands with their email programs today.

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Why showing gratitude in your marketing efforts matters

Author: Kara Trivunovic

We should be gracious each and every day, but last week on World Gratitude Day or International Day of Peace it became more apparent as to why evoking kindness matters. While the International Day of Peace isn’t a marketing opportunity, it can act as a reminder for marketers as to why including thank you’s within marketing campaigns won’t go unnoticed by consumers.

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