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Using data and technology for good to save lives

Author: Laura Gardiner

In 2015, 171 child deaths in Texas were caused by child abuse.  That is 3.3 children a week. In total there were 274,448 alleged child abuse victims last year.  To put it in context, that is the Dallas Cowboys’ AT&T Stadium at full capacity, three times over, and then some. Government resources such as CPS (Child Protective Services) are overloaded and many children tragically fall through the cracks. It’s a fact that diverting funds to the areas that need it the most is imperative in fighting child abuse.

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Delivering life-saving information in real-time

Author: Epsilon Marketing

Leveraging marketing technology for public service and the benefit of the public good is extremely important. One of our largest commitments to this is through our important partnership with the Federation for Internet Alerts (FIA), which leverages the immediacy of digital to help spread the word in real-time, in case of community emergencies. The incredible work FIA is doing was recently recognized with the 2015 People’s Voice Webby Award for Advertising and Media: Public Service and Activism.

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