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The future of mobile email and why you need more than responsive design

Author: Dan McDermott

The need for mobile optimized email is undeniable. Study after study has shown that consumers engage with email—in some capacity—on mobile devices. IDC found that 79% of smartphone users reach for their devices within just 15 minutes of waking up. As a consumer and receiver of marketing emails, I personally check my email on my smartphone a few times a day. I also check it on my tablet in the evenings and on my desktop at work or on the weekends.

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Next generation digital messaging: Why we did it

Author: Epsilon Marketing

Navigating the digital marketing landscape has never been more daunting. The social and mobile revolutions are in the rear view mirror, Big Data has enabled a world of possibilities and digital marketing teams are trying to figure out how to best organize themselves for success.  You can feel the potential just waiting to be unlocked and enabled.

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