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How consumers manage their health and what it means for marketers

Author: Courtney Steeves

The doctor-patient relationship is evolving. A century ago, doctors made regular house calls and patients relied entirely on doctors’ expertise for diagnosis and treatment. In today’s connected world, with unfettered access to information and increased individual autonomy, consumers are actively involved in their treatment plans. They research online, make suggestions about medications to their healthcare providers and expect to be an informed partner throughout the decision-making process.

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Healthcare marketing: Evolving the sphere of influence

Author: Jason Pendlebury

Healthcare professionals (HCPs) are a busy bunch, even more time and resource constrained than your average marketer.  Being an effective marketer in today’s hectic pharma-world requires a finely balanced equation that is part data science and part art. These two pieces together must allow you to understand how to interpret and translate said data into something meaningful, through art, in a way that actually influences clinical decisions. When combined, these solutions can move a brand’s yardsticks towards that elusive TRx Touchdown . So what data and information actually matters?

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Our commitment to ‘Make it Better’

Author: Mark Miller

Healthcare marketers face unique challenges. As one of the leading experts in healthcare marketing – recently named the #17 Largest U.S. Healthcare Agency Network by Ad Age— we at Epsilon help confront these challenges every day. But the landscape has changed and with it, we have changed too. Earlier this month, we officially announced the launch of EpsilonHealth, which will serve as an extension of the Epsilon brand to specifically fulfill the needs of healthcare marketers.

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