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New insights for a customer-obsessed New Year

Author: Julianne Manoogian

2017 closed with headlines citing a whopping 18% growth in holiday ecommerce sales and 4.9% growth overall. Before popping the champagne and moving into your Q1 to-do list, don’t close the book on 2017 quite yet. With many retailers earning up to 40% of their annual revenue during the holiday season, it is imperative to balance sound long-term strategy with the inevitable high stakes of holiday season. How can you achieve this balance? Through continued Customer Obsession.

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5 key insights for retailers this holiday season

Author: Epsilon Marketing

While many brands spent the beginning of the year preparing their organizations for the changing future of retail – creating operational efficiencies, and developing more personalized messaging for their target audiences – Epsilon and Conversant in conjunction with Alliance Data’s businesses have joined forces to provide retailers with rich proprietary insights, expert advice and actionable recommendations to help them get ready and informed for the holiday season ahead.

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Make new holiday subscribers the gift that keeps on giving

Author: Dan McDermott

As the holiday season approaches, retail marketers can expect a significant spike in email subscribers as consumers scour the Internet in search of gift ideas and bargains. Some will subscribe in hope of receiving a coupon or free shipping code; others will want to be notified of promotions and sales that are still to come.

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