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How retailers can succeed with a new breed of CX – Digical

Author: Epsilon Marketing

The in-store experience is still crucial to retailers’ profits, despite how much we hear about brick and mortar going away. 85% of consumers still prefer to shop in stores as many consumers look for the tangible in-store retail experience. The presence of a knowledgeable sales associate has the ability to improve customer experience and increase in-store purchases. However, today’s consumers also value convenience and instant gratifiaction. They want to be able to enter a store and feel as though they are taken care of, by way of both human and digital interaction. Realizing this evolving consumer behavior, many retailers are answering this need by employing a series of digital technologies that enable them to control and measure their customers’ experiences in store. Rather than competing, the digital and the physical channels are integrating to yield convenience, satisfaction and an overall positive consumer perception for the brands doing it right.

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