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Powering lifetime connections Stage II: Creating a plan for ongoing dialogue

Author: Tad Fordyce

In my recent article, I introduced the concept of powering lifetime connections and shared the first of three stages – getting to know the customer. Here, I’ll discuss the second stage: creating a plan for ongoing dialogue. Marketers are often laser-focused on acquiring and onboarding new customers. While intentions are to communicate to them on a regular cadence throughout the customer lifecycle, oftentimes, marketers don’t establish a plan or follow-through on the plan that was created.

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The power of data: achieving trust in your loyalty program

Author: Liz Buderus

We talk a lot about consistency as it relates to data and marketing strategy. Being consistent with messaging is essential, and adding some repetition can be a good thing. Often times marketers’ want to communicate to new people instead of the same people repeatedly to drive incremental new customers as well as revenue, but research proves that the more times consumers hear from brands, the more likely they are to respond and interact with your brand versus a one-time communication.

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Delivering ‘L’oyalty through the true meaning of a brand experience

Author: Brad MacDonald

Loyalty marketers are acutely focused on how their programs engage consumers to sustain customer loyalty. Marketers must think beyond their loyalty program to the overall brand experience, where the big ‘L’ is established, to achieve optimal success. So what do I mean by the big ‘L’? I define it as the passion, dedication, feelings, emotional connection and trust consumers establish with your brand that motivates them to continue their purchases and move through the customer lifecycle towards lifetime brand loyalty.

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