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The art and science of loyalty

Author: Tamara Oliverio

Emotions are something we as humans all have and react to on a daily basis. But as marketers, do we focus on emotions? Do they factor in to loyalty program planning and campaign execution? The majority of humans make decisions emotionally, not rationally. For example, 95% of purchasing decisions, according to Harvard Business School professor Gerald Zaltman, take place unconsciously and emotions are leveraged to drive that decision. In other words, people feel first, and they think second. Appealing to someone’s feelings or emotions is most certainly an art. But naturally, the tendency for many marketers is to focus on the science of what we do as it’s calculated and easier to measure and attribute, especially when it comes to reporting back to finance. Focusing on emotions can be difficult, because they can be unpredictable, and often intimidating or confusing to marketers but they are just as important.

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Leveraging engagement modeling to reduce loyalty program breakage

Author: Marc Schulkers

Recently, I had the opportunity to present with my colleague Diana Lewis at Loyalty Expo in our workshop Data Selection, Monetizing and Measuring Performance. Planned workshop sessions are great. The topics of discussion are pre-selected by the subject matter experts presenting, metrics are pulled to prove discussion points and us as speakers are ready to go. But you know what my favorite part is? When you get onsite and the questions that are burning a hole in marketers’ pockets come up for discussion.

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