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Mobile payments vs. mobile wallets: Why brands should adopt

Author: Megan Bortner

An increasing number of brands and consumers are adopting mobile payments, but just as many are unconvinced. The Federal Reserve reports, those reluctant to make the switch don’t see the benefit (61%) or believe it’s easier to work with old-fashioned cash and credit (76%). Yet mobile payments are more than here to stay.  A look at the data may help convince brands to see the benefits of adopting mobile payment. The performance results from early adopters are conclusive: adoption of mobile payments increases sales. As has been long observed with credit cards, switching away from cash and to technology causes consumers to spend 12% to 18% more. McDonalds, for example, reports that credit card purchases average $7, compared to the $4.50 average for cash. Mobile payments are the next logical step in credit-based purchasing as they further reduce the friction at pay points and can help to drive a better customer experience that fosters brand loyalty. According to Forrester Research, the growth in the mobile payment market is expected to continue and is projected to reach over $142 billion by 2019.  Those brands which adopt now are more likely to earn a larger share of this market and garner more customer loyalty.

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Mobile World Congress: The future of marketing

Author: Epsilon Marketing

Over 100,000 technology professionals – including Epsilon’s Chief Digital Officer, Agency Tom Edwards, and VP of Digital Strategy, Ian Beacraft – recently descended on Barcelona, Spain, for Mobile World Congress 2017. The technology highlighted an ambient computing future where new data types simplify complex tasks, predict need states and usher in new forms of computing that will radically alter how we connect with consumers.  Check out key highlights direct from the MWC show floor as Tom and Ian discuss trends around connection, cognition and immersion.  For deeper insights download the event recap to learn how technology will further empower consumers and shape the future of marketing.

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Observations from holiday 2016 to take with you in the new year

Author: Kara Trivunovic

As I look at my Christmas tree that I still have not yet put away, it immediately brings me back to the family, shopping, stress and email that just ensued over the past few weeks. The volume of email that marketers sent during the holidays definitely spiked. Year-over-year increases were steady and Black Friday itself showed a 55% volume increase. When volume increases like this it’s even more difficult to stand out from the clutter of the inbox. So what did marketers do this holiday season to differentiate their brand? And what can we learn from these approaches for the year ahead?

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