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The catalog’s role in your brand journey

Author: Stacey Hawes

And so it continues!  Last year following the NEMOA direct XChange conference I shared some thoughts on the evolution of the catalog and how it’s a thriving channel to generate revenue and share your brand story. The catalog continues to advance as a marketing strategy and as Deborah Cavanagh, SVP of Marketing for Talbots shared in her keynote at the recent direct XChange 2016 Spring Conference, “The catalog is an editorial platform – it’s a means to communicating product ideas. It’s an oasis of imagination.”

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The evolution of the catalog

Author: Stacey Hawes

Recently, I’ve been reading a lot about the comeback of the catalog. With 90+ million Americans purchasing from catalogs on an annual basis with an average spend of $850 million on catalog purchases (American Catalog Mailers Association), the catalog is a lively and active channel. The difference today? It now goes beyond direct mail, has become more digitized and is delivered with an omnichannel strategy.

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