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Leveraging data in an omnichannel world

Author: Stacey Hawes

Consumers move throughout the day across devices, channels and mediums – from mobile phone to the radio and their computer; consuming and receiving content on Facebook, in their mailbox, on TV and through email. All of these examples are an opportunity for you to get your brand message and offer in front of your target consumer. But how do you determine the optimal audience for a campaign and what channels to market in?

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Why services are a key to success in omnichannel marketing

Author: Pamela McAtee

The shift from a single channel marketing mindset has happened. Marketers are integrating online and offline efforts to gain a true understanding of our customers’ behavior. Technology innovations have kept pace as marketers continue to enhance their omnichannel strategy, developing new programs to send dynamic, real-time content that is relevant to the individual consumer.

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