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The challenge of building scale for one-to-one addressable audiences

Author: Jeff Gross

Media and entertainment companies already have millions of viewers. The challenge is that these viewers are largely unknown, except for their age and gender, and perhaps their viewing or online behavior. You’re working hard to develop a direct relationship with your viewers. And, for the most part, you probably only recently started implementing tactics that will help you capture more useful information about your audience that will enable you to engage with them in a relevant way. It's the nature of the business.

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How catalog marketers are using data to deliver 1:1 messages

Author: Liz Buderus

It’s no secret. Catalogs are evolving and one could argue the catalog plays a more meaningful role in the customer experience today than it has since the advent of online shopping. With this evolution comes a new role for the catalog as part of an ominchannel strategy. It serves a new purpose on the path to purchase and needs to deliver the one-to-one message consumers have come to expect in other channels. As Stacey Hawes noted in a recent post, the catalog should be used to “unlock the joy of your customers and create an emotional connection.” 

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