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5 key insights for retailers this holiday season

Author: Epsilon Marketing

While many brands spent the beginning of the year preparing their organizations for the changing future of retail – creating operational efficiencies, and developing more personalized messaging for their target audiences – Epsilon and Conversant in conjunction with Alliance Data’s businesses have joined forces to provide retailers with rich proprietary insights, expert advice and actionable recommendations to help them get ready and informed for the holiday season ahead.

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Innovation in customer experience

Author: Tom Francoeur

Bridging the gaps across digital, online and offline channels is an organizational challenge many marketers face. The siloed operational mindset is no longer effective, resulting in a disconnected customer experience. In this organizational construct, brands view the transactional activity of consumers in each individual channel and not holistically across all channels. Therefore they’re missing a 360-degree view of the consumers they are trying to reach and lacking the insight needed to engage customers with compelling and consistent experiences.

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