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What back to the future day can teach us about real-time personalization

Author: Epsilon Marketing

Given that we just passed ‘Back to the Future’ Day on October 21, 2015—the day in Back to the Future 2 that Marty McFly and Doc Brown traveled to—today’s topic is particularly apropos. Much like Marty and Doc traveling from the past, the resurgent focus on customer experience (CX) and personalization, particularly real-time personalization, is, at its core, the combination of traditional marketing best practices of the past with the tools and techniques available to the modern-day marketer.

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Dear < First Name >: The case for genuine personalization

Author: Epsilon Marketing

Do you remember the first time you received a “personalized” offer in the mail? For me it was in the early ‘80’s and the thrill was brief. It didn’t take long to realize it was simply a computer-generated mass mailing designed to appear personalized. Today that desire for a truly individualized communication continues to be a top priority for the vast majority of consumers, and a critical topic for marketers. Before we explore the concept, we need a shared view of its meaning.

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