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Account-based marketing: perils, pitfalls and the reality

Author: Jay Mellman

Nearly everyone in B2B marketing is doing some form of account-based marketing (ABM) – more than 90% of marketers believe that ABM is essential to B2B marketing and more than 60% of companies plan to invest in ABM technology (SiriusDecisions). What teams don’t always understand is how wildly different ABM can be from a company’s existing go-to-market engine. It requires a deeper relationship with sales, more clarity about customer buying centers and priorities and a stronger ability to position solutions and their impacts. It requires marketing to participate in the sales arena.  And it is also far more than just a set of loosely-connected tools and technologies. Success requires that marketing teams reorient their approach  to customers, to their sales colleagues and in their priorities. And the first step is to look at the reality behind some of the ABM myths and messages.

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