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Wearable users are optimists: Engage them with ideas of hope and change

Author: Megan Bortner

Wearables are in, as anyone with half an eye on trendy gadgets can attest. 39.5 million adults are now using, either fitness trackers or smartwatches.  Wearables are more than a new toy.  They represent a new way to communicate, to interact with information and a chance at improving complicated relationships with technology. The question at stake is whether or not wearables will be able to live up to their expectations and excitement?

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Marketing automation:  The promise of profits

Author: Jay Mellman

On the heels of adopting customer relationship management (CRM) software, many of you raced to also implement marketing automation (MA). The promise is enticing—improving the ability to manage campaigns, drive faster lead conversions and better align with the sales process across all channels. But the reality is far less; oftentimes these tool-sets end up managing little more than emails, landing pages and lead scoring.

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