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The future of digital and its impact on the travel industry

Author: Epsilon Marketing

Customers now expect innovative brands to engage them on the device and medium they are using at the time. Therron Hofsetz,  Director, Enterprise Applications at Holland America Line explains how Holland America is connecting first and third-party data, predictive analytics and machine learning to enhance email, online and onboard experiences for guests.

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From Lincoln Center to iPhone 7 – The same rules apply

Author: Epsilon Marketing

A few weeks ago I participated on a panel at Lincoln Center as part of the Skift Global Forum, which is billed as the “Ted Talks for Travel”. My panel’s topic was on digital transformation, and an impromptu exchange back-stage highlighted the big shifts that have happened in content. The CEO and founders of Expedia and Priceline and I were back-stage discussing some of the early breakthroughs in the industry and it sparked a recollection about one of my projects at Sabre during the mid-90s, SabreVision. It was the first product that allowed consumers to view hotel images online. That early venture was indicative of what was to come, although few at the time would have predicted it to this extent.

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The new world of convergence: A letter to the CEO

Author: Jennifer Bedford

Not that long ago, I sat across the table from a decision-maker in marketing and a decision-maker in technology for a travel client. I knew their business challenges, and they were both trying to achieve the same thing. Each of them, however, had their own agenda and view of the world, which isn’t uncommon.

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